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This week we’re bringing you a truly unique listing and a first for Heaton Dainard.  Tucked away in Everett, this is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and invest in crypto currency.

3409 Crypto Mine Opportunity | Everett

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About the Business

The property is a fully-functioning crypto currency mine, outfitted with 60 rigs, valued upwards of the $225,000 listing price. The facility is available for lease, for 75% of the cost of the equipment.  The initial setup cost to purchase all 60 mining rigs, and get them ready for operation, is valued at $300,000. For the right buyer, this is a steal of a deal to jump-start a new opportunity.

The rigs are currently mining Grin Coin, but have the ability to mine any type of crypto-currency, aside from Bitcoin. For the forward-thinking business minded person, this is the investment for the future!

The true value of the mine lies in the start-up cost. While many crypto currency mines are snatching up space in Eastern Washington, setting up those mines can be costly. With some of the cheapest power in the nation, Eastern Washington is the logical place to get started, however, government ordinances can tack on hefty fines to install electricity capable of supporting a mine. This opportunity in Everett will save you tens of thousands in startup cost, outfitted with all the necessary materials and hardware.

Prior to becoming a crypto currency mine, the space was used as a full service cold storage. Meaning, the building is set up specifically for high power industries, and ready to power a crypto mine 24 hours per day. The right buyer will be purchasing the hardware in the mine, while leasing the space to operate. The lease is $1150/month, additional costs including electricity come in below the profits from Grin coin. An additional benefit is the flexibility of the mine. If you find that Grin coin is not profitable, the buyer will have the flexibility to mine any other crypto currency to maximize profit, aside from Bitcoin.

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