When it comes to selling your home, we realize that it can be so much more than just listing and selling a house. You might be selling a home of many years or your first investment property that you have flipped. Our brokers work hard to be by your side from the beginning to the end of the selling process to ensure that your property receives the best offer and you have a high return on investment.

You’ve made the decision to sell and now you need to start getting your home ready. It can be an intimidating task of knowing where to start and what to complete when it comes to getting your home fully prepped for sale. We’ve put together a downloadable guide that you can use when getting your home ready as well as outlined the basics below.

On a first glance, finding a home is all about curb appeal. Taking some time to spruce up the exterior of your home is an important step in getting it ready for listing. Giving the home a fresh coat of paint and cleaning up the yard is just one step you can take to give your home a mini-makeover for curb appeal. Mowing the grass, cleaning out the garden and placing some fresh flowers can give your home a fresh breath of air that might attract home buyers to your property.

The interior is the next opportunity to wow potential buyers. Sprucing up the interior of the home will help get it ready for listing. Adding a fresh coat of a neutral colored paint to the walls, making sure the windows and flooring are clean and that any clutter is put away will help present the home in the best light. Buyers want to see a home that has been well taken care of and is clean when they are looking at the property. Taking steps to clean up the interior is a great first step in prepping your home for sale.

When it comes to getting your home ready, small details can make a huge difference. Adding items like fresh flowers or turning on lamps throughout the home make it feel more welcoming and inviting to a prospective buyer. Making sure that worn out items are put away and clutter is removed will make your space seem more open. Lastly, putting away personal effects such as family photos or children’s artwork will help keep the space looking clean and ready for a new buyer.

What happens if I get a better offer and want to back out of my current offer?

If this happens, it wouldn’t be very wise to back out of a contract where a purchase offer is accepted as it is a legal contract that the buyer can seek legal remedies to enforce.

Do I have to sell to the person with the highest offer?

No, you do not. If you prefer a lower priced offer for various reasons such as a better qualified buyer or more attractive terms, you can choose that offer instead. You can also choose to extend counteroffers to the buyers extending an offer.

What should I price my home at?

There are a lot of different factors that can go into determining the amount you should price your home at such as the real estate market as well as the conditions of your house. Your real estate broker can look at the local market conditions, the comparables of houses that have sold recently and the condition of your home to determine what the house should be priced at. If you are interested in determining your home’s worth, one of our brokers can provide you with a free Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).

Are there disadvantages of pricing my home at the high end?

There are a couple of things that could happen if you price your home higher than it should be or even at the high end of the listing range. Some of those might include your home being on the market for longer or you might have to accept a lower offer. However, it is important to work with your real estate broker to determine the right price for your home when listing it.

Who is responsible for making any repairs as a result of inspection?

It will depend on negotiations. Typically inspection reports will be used to negotiate the repairs of any major problems or environmental or safety hazards that might be noted. The purchase contract should provide guidance for the negotiations.

What are comps?

Comps or comparables are recently sold properties that are similar in size, location, and amenities to the home for sale. These help determine the market value of a property.

What is a counteroffer?

A counteroffer refers to an offer made by one of the parties that makes changes to the original or latest offer of the other party.

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a report made by an authorized person . They are used to determine the value of properties for lenders. The appraiser can use a number of valuation methods to determine the appropriate value including looking at comparables, the quality of the property and different valuation models.

``Exclusive Rights to Sell``

An “Exclusive Right to Sell” listing is the most common type of listing. With this type of listing, the agent does most of the work to sell your home such as advertising, placing it on the MLS, market your home to other agents, and hold open houses for your home.

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